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Over the last 12 years, Violetta And Pete have performed in a wide range of ice shows, galas, tours and professional competitions. Their numbers include a compilation of figure skating, hula-hoops, cube, adagio, contortion and acrobatics.

As American Open silver medalists, and stars of Holiday On Ice and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Violetta and Pete have finely crafted their unique art, joining figure skating with cirque. After retiring from Russian amateur singles competition, coming from a circus family, Violetta at 14 years old, was featured by the Bolshoy Moscow Circus on Ice and then, at 16, went on do two productions with Holiday On Ice. Pete, as a Canadian national competitor in both singles and pairs also joined Holiday On Ice and teamed up with Violetta to create a new act. Combining figure skating with hula-hoops, Russian cube, contortion and adagio, Violetta and Pete have traveled the world, taking part in such events as the Canadian tour "Celebration On Ice", Katarina Witt’s “Enjoy the Stars tour”, Daniel Weiss’ “Stars On Ice tour”, Alessandro De Leonardis’ “Skating Champions Italian Tour”, etc. They were married in 2002.

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Aphanaseva Duck Golden ice of Stradivarius

Aphanaseva Duck Show of two capitals