Name: Marina Karamusheva

Marina started to skate when she was only four years old. She trained in the Olympic reserve school in St-Petersburg as a single skater until the age of sixteen and competed as a pair skater till she was nineteen.

Seven years ago, wanting to learn something new and exiting, Marina picked up hula-hoops with the goal of combining tricks with skating elements such as jumps, spins, and other elements. “It is always fun trying to make something new from something old” she says. Since 2004 Marina has been a specialty guest star for the RCCL and Willy Bietak Productions.

Other erformances include:
1996-2000 Disney on ice.
2000-2004 soloist for Royal Caribbean Cruise line and Willy Bietak Productions

Marie Pierre placed 7th and 8th at worlds in ’94 and 95 and 14th at the Olympics in ‘94. During her 4 years as a professional she has performed Aerial Acts with Galas in France, ''Cool art hot ice'' Royal Caribbean, ''Hot Ice'' Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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