Name: The Sad Sacks

Biography from show program:

The Sad Sacks are anything but sad, as you may have guessed even before seeing them on the ice. These four buffoons, Pat Shanahan, Kurt Trostorff, Joe Sullivan and Noble Rochester have cooked up a sequence of buffoonery that will delight you.

Pat is a Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, product. He plays a good game of golf, is right at home on the water skis and makes photography a profitable hobby.

Kurt Trostorff comes from Milwaukee and deserted a movie career to skate for ICE FOLLIES. Baseball is his chief off-the-ice passion and he had pictures to prove that he even worked out this spring with the Milwaukee Braves.

Joe Sullivan was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and before joining ICE FOLLIES was a New England Skating Champion in 1949 and again in 1950. He also won honors in pair skating and was Senior Pair Champion of New England in 1951. He was away from the show long enough to spend three years in the army and his long range career is concentrated on being a sports cartoonist. Noble Rochester is from Fort Worth, Texas, but started his ice skating career when he was eight years old in Los Angeles. He holds several Pacific Coast skating titles and placed well up in the National Competitions in 1953.

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