Name: Henie Brock

Champion of both hard and soft water –he was an A.A.U. diving title holder before he took up figure skating –Henie Brock is rated as one of the world’s most hilarious figure skating comics.

A wizard in the art of pantomime and subtle comedy, Heinie Brock, the diminutive comedian, is once again hilarity maker and laugh producer extraordinary in the Ice Follies of 1944.

Nationally acclaimed as one of the ace comic of the show world, Heinie has perfected his own inimitable exposition of buffoonery, travesty, burlesque and merriment on skates. His collapsible legs, funny feet and quizzical expressions have made millions laugh.

A famed athlete during his undergraduate days at the University of Minnesota, Heinie was also a national diving champion and teammate of Johnny Weismuller on the Illinois Athletic Club swimming team. Heinie is one of the “originals” of the Ice Follies having been a top-flight artist in the company since the inception of the Ice Follies in 1936.

Heinie Brock is also a radio artist of distinction and his voice is frequently heard on major radio stations in the cities in which the Ice Follies of 1944 appear.

Master of subtle comedy, Heinie Brock has created an inimitable style of his own. During his ten-year professional career the diminutive comic has translated to the ice surface the best of pantomime and mimicry known to the theatre. He is noted for his shrewd timing and the clever manner in which he builds “gag.”

The fact that Brock, in his act in the Ice Follies, usually works in an amphitheatre surrounded by spectators on four sides makes his task of selling hilarious clowning doubly difficult. He must work in all directions at once to hold the attention of his widespread audience.

Besides being at the top of his profession as a figure skating comic, Brock was an all round athlete during his college days. He was a star baseball player at the University of Minnesota turning down several chances to play professional. However, he was equally as proficient as a swimmer and diver, winning national honors in the latter sport.

Brock is one of the original Ice Follies veterans, having been one of the tiny band of 23 skaters who gave the first performance of the production in Tulsa in 1936.

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