Name: Freddie Trenkler

It would be hard to imagine a Hollywood Ice Revue without Freddie Trenkler. Long acclaimed the Clown Prince of the Ice, one of the most amazing things about him is the fact that he gets funnier each year.

Winner of the Austrian figure skating title at 19, Freddie soon abandoned that type of skating for his hilarious routines because, “I soon learned that laughing is what the world needs.”

Freddie has drawn at least a billion laughs since he began his career as the lovable, little tramp in Arthur M. Wirtz’ 1940 production. He has become the world’s foremost pantomimist and he figures he has taken at least 30,000 falls as the First Comedian of the Ice.

The Bouncing Ball of the Ice. Born in Vienna. Won the International Junior Skating title. Started his comedy career 18 years ago when he went on as a substitute for an ailing comic in an Austrian Ice Carnival. Hailed as on of the funniest men on ice, has always found it easy to make people laugh. His makeup is his easily identifiable trademark, as it is with all great clowns. Married to a former Ice Capades star, Jo Barnum, Freddie is the proud dad of a little two-year-old son, “Twinks.” “Completely wonderful as usual” …Chicago Sunday Tribune.

Comic Freddie Trenkler’s magnificent technique is directed entirely to madcap ends. Tiny, 31-year-old, ice-blue-eyed Trenkler learned to skate as a child in Vienna on frozen snow. As a young man he won a number of competitions when, one day in Budapest, he noticed that a guy who couldn’t skate for beans, but was highly accomplished at falls, kept the crowd in an uproar. Quickly he decided that slapstick paid off better than mere skill. Making good as a clown, he came to the U.S. in 1937, clicked immediately.

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