Name: Eric Waite

“The Clown Prince Of The Ice”

Eric Waite was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. An original cast member from 1941, he skated with the Ice Capades for over 20 years as one of the pioneers of ice comedy. Eric kept his fellow cast members laughing alongside the audiences by modifying his routines in slight ways every night. No one ever knew what to expect! He passed away on October 13, 2000.

Here are some of his program biographies:

-a master pantomime. Eric is credited with establishing much of the comedy technique used by present day ice comics. He was one of the original members of the first Ice Capades. The only American ice comedian ever to be presented to royalty, following a command performance in London, England. While on tour Ice Capades carried his own workshop where he spent most of his spare time inventing and creating children’s toys and novelties. Ice Capades fans who watched him slip and slide over the ice would find it hard to believe that doctors said he would never skate again when they had to wire his limbs together following a serious automobile accident.

“A solid howl provoker”..says the New York Daily Mirror.

Originally a hockey player, Eric Waite dabbed in comedy as a hobby until he received offers to perform professionally. He made extensive study of comedy styles used in motion pictures, and although he has not borrowed the direct style of any comedian, he favors the dead-pan type of humor employed by Buster Keaton, and through his active mind has turned his skating talents to humorist ends.

He devised a burlesque of a beginner on skates in which he performs intricate movements on, above and around a long red scarf. He has also worked out a Ballerina routine which ranks as one of the most hilarious bits of comedy ever staged on ice. A native of California, Eric Waite has risen in his profession until he brings to “Ice Capades” a reputation of being on of the world’s outstanding ice comedians.

Movie credits:

1938 I See Ice (stunt double)
1938 Zero Girl
1942 Ice-Capades Revue aka Rhythm Hits The Ice (uncredited)

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