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Gary Beacom is one of the most innovative ice-skating masters of our time. Having influenced countless skaters, he continues to push the sport and his own limitations. With a degree in physics and philosophy Gary is able to blend his expertise in skating to create a marriage of art and science. His experimentation continues to lead to new challenges in skating. Each discovery is a new path of motivation to for him to conquer technically. Gary shares his experiences and expertise as the author of a how-to book about figure skating published in 2006 (available on his website).

Gary currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with his wife Deena and their two children Stella and Garrison

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2006 Super Match Stars On Ice in Korea

World Pro Championships

Don't Wait

"Malevolent Landscape" at the 1990 World Professional Figure Skating Championships

1983 Canadian Nationals LP

84 Olympics SP

On Some Foggy Mountain Top

1980 RARE!!!! AWESOME!!!

I Think I'm Losing My Marbles