Name: Oxana and Alexandra Denisov

Oxana and Alexandra Denisova were influenced at very young age by their parents who worked for the Russian Circus on Ice for thirty years. Most of their childhood was spent at the sports hall and the ice rink. They began working for the Russian ice show at 16 in a magic illusion show and at that time were preparing their amazing trapeze number. They have since performed all over the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Their show resume includes Acrobats on Ice in Malaysia, The Art Festival in Edinburgh, Gala shows at Monte-Carlo’s Monaco-Open, Art on Ice in Zurich, a show at the Olympic games in Atlanta, concerts in Japan and Hong Kong, and Holiday on Ice.

“Don’t be scared to follow the path in life that has challenging obstacles or difficulties to overcome”
-The Denisova Twins

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