Name: Alexander & Ekaterina Chesna

Ekaterina Chesna

Born on 28 August 1976, Ekaterina began figure skating at the age of four she. In 1993 she received her master of sports and started her professional career with Sergey Rishkov¹s «Shangri-La». collective taking part in Edinburgh¹s International Festival in Scotland.

During 10 years Ekaterina persistently studied the secrets of circus arts to combine with figure skating. In this time she has acted worldwide on many world famous stages in Europe (Paris, Cannes, Monte Carlo, London, Brussels), USA (New York, Atlanta), South East Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuala ŒLumpur), South America (Rio de Janeiro, San Paolo) and many more.

Alexander Chesna

Born on 15 August 1969 in Volgograd, Russia. Alexander was engaged in a circus studio in Siberia. from eleven years was In 1991 Alexander graduated with excellently «Kiev¹s State College for Circus & Variety Art» on a speciality equilibrium - juggling and has been invited to work of the soloist in collective «Shangri-La». Since this moment began his long and difficult way of the soloist in Ice Show.

With his participation many large projects with known stars of music and TV, gala concerts and festivals worldwide have been carried out. For the actor's career Alexander with success showed his skill in many countries of the world of Europe, America and Asia.

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