Jason Graetz is the founder of icetricks.com. He has always been inspired by ice skating that is out of the ordinary. The goal of this website is to provide a platform where trick skating can be easily found and demonstrated through images and video footage. Icetricks.com was created to showcase unique talent to inspire skating innovation.

This is a community for trick skaters. A place to explore and become inspired by non-traditional figure skating. There is long history of ice skaters performing unique skills such as stilt skating, barrel jumping, acrobatics, and comedy. For sometime now Jason has been gathering as much of this as possible, historical and current, for young skaters or even just skating fans to view. There are many different aspects of ice skating, seldom displayed or discussed in competitions or television, and this site will bring them to everyone.

Get in contact with Jason at: info@icetricks.com > Jason's Skater Bio: Click here